Charles and Nellie Drury


"From The Archives - Taken from the National Register"

"The Dutch Colonial house at 824 N. K St was designed by the prominent Tacoma architecture firm of Bullard and Hayward, circa 1893. It was the home of Charles and Nellie Drury; Charles owned and operated a tailoring business."


"Drury was born in Lincoln County, England in 1866. At 16, he arrived In the United States, having apprenticed as a tailor beginning at age 12. He settled for two years near Minneapolis to farm, then moved on west to Tacoma circa 1884."


"After his arrival in Tacoma, Charles Drury started his own tailoring business.  The business soon grew to a point where he opened additional shops in Seattle and Portland. The In 1892 he married Nellie B. Rand, of Iowa, and had a house built at 824 N. K. ST."


"The Drurys loved to travel, and the couple went 16 times across the Atlantic to buy stock for his tailoring stores.  They toured the world, and Charles enjoyed telling stories from his travels. An article notes, ""In one journey over the sea, they toured England and countries on the continent, covering 5,550 miles with their motor car."""


"Drury served on the Tacoma School Board from 1902-1906, and helped to plan the renovation of the old, unfinished hotel into Stadium High School. Nellie Drury was very involved in the First Methodist Church, and was a member of a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as the Fine Arts Studio Club."